Digital marketing changes occur in nanoseconds, but Nick is always ahead of the curve. Embracing the new, stretching technologies, and inventing solutions on the fly are all in a day’s work as Manager, Digital Marketing. His knowledge, passion and collaborative spirit inspires clients and co-workers alike. Nick’s digital analytics expertise helps companies uncover priceless opportunities that may be deeply hidden in the data. But it’s about more than SEO, keywords and digital buzzwords. Results are the bottom line, and Nick is driven to deliver in every medium, whatever it takes.

Why Marketing Fails without a Measurement Strategy

A measurement strategy puts your organization on the path to data-driven marketing. Without a clear measurement strategy, marketing lives in the tactical execution rather than the business outcome.

The Mobile SEO Survival Guide to Mobilegeddon

Two months ago the internet was set ablaze when Google announced that on April 21, 2015 there would be a significant search algorithm update to include mobile-friendliness as a ranking…