According to a recent study on blogging from inbound marketing gurus, Hubspot, “Companies that devote time to blogging see strong gains in lead generation.” The study found the companies that increase blogging from 3-5 times per month to 6-8 times per month almost double their leads.

That makes sense from the standpoint that it will likely increase exposure for your company and thus drive more traffic, but what is the quality of that traffic, of those leads? To me, that’s a critical area that’s NOT explained in the report.

Starting a blog, or increasing the frequency of your blogging, isn’t enough to increase the leads you want. To get the leads you want, you must focus on the quality of your content, not only the quantity of posts. Why does quality matter? Quality content not only contributes to improved search rankings (by recognizing your business as a thought leader), but also engages and attracts the right leads for your business.

How do you improve the quality of your content?

1. Ensure content creators understand the blog’s objective and strategy

If they don’t understand the purpose of the blog, the content will lack focus, and ultimately won’t engage readers.

2. Focus on a specific target audience and their unique challenges

Your blog can’t be all things to all people. The more specialized and tailored the topics are to your key audience, the more likely they are engage with the post.

3. Keep it timely

What are the hot topics and recent industry news? By staying timely and on top of trends you can improve the likelihood that your content will generate interest. This can increase your authority on the topic and improve your natural search ranking.

4. Curb the sales message

Focus on the customers and their needs, not your company. You’ll earn points and possibly some business.
So, while more blogging may get you more leads, it won’t get you the quality of leads you want. Quality leads begin with quality content.

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