Four Traps to Avoid When Brand Building

Building a strong brand that’s relevant, memorable and differentiated isn’t achievable through shortcuts. There are many ways to build a strong brand, but there are also commonly accepted building blocks…

Brand Transformation: Integrating Legacy with Aspirational

To integrate legacy with aspirational transformation, consider three of the most powerful tools in your belt for building upon the core strengths of your brand.

How to Get Executives to Say Yes to Rebranding

Rebranding is a commitment that requires all company leaders to nod in agreement. But how do you get executives aligned?

Rational and Emotional Appeal in Brand Strategy

Building a competitive advantage within your brand strategy takes more than simply pinpointing what you do better than your competition.

Your Organization is Not a “Benchmark Brand”

Questions a CEO must ask when evaluating the company’s brand strategy. It starts with brutal honesty.

Six Ways to Kill Your Brand eBook

Brands fall into three basic categories, success, status quo and failure. Successful brands are an extension of their target audience, a friend, a helper, a thing to count on when they need it most. Failing brands are a broken promise.

Rebranding and the Art of Authenticity

At one time, authenticity was a topic for philosophers to pontificate. But today, authenticity has become a buzzword in the world of marketing. Demonstrating a brand’s values, credibility, and ethics…

Are You Delivering Your Brand in Digital?

Digital experiences are woven into the fabric of our everyday lives. Successful companies understand this and strive to build powerful brand experiences across all employee and customer touch points. So…

Improving Employee Engagement with Your Brand

Companies spend a lot of time and money building brands to connect with customers. But do they invest enough in brand engagement with their own employees? Every day your employees…

Avoid Using These Kinds of Words in Your Brand Promise

It would be difficult to list out specific words to avoid when writing a brand promise. A word that is overused in one industry might be a fresh take in…