Evaluate Your Communications Planning Process and Learn How To Improve It

Just having a plan isn’t good enough, it needs to be effective. The effectiveness of a plan is judged when its adaptability is tested. It should be structured to aid the marketer‘s decision making process in times of change – whether adversity or unexpected growth. Ineffective planning leads to reactionary moves that yield mediocre results and cannibalize other initiatives.

An effective plan does more than outline the activity for the year. The process itself strategically aligns your team’s activities against the overarching business objectives and maps what is needed to achieve them.  The outcome is a document that helps marketers prioritize, focus and react throughout the year. It’s a living, breathing tool that evolves and is optimized over time.

Is your plan effective? Does it help you drive marketing results all year long? We’ve developed a handy worksheet to help identify strengths and weaknesses in your planning process. We’ll provide practical advice about what you are doing well and how you can improve.

This worksheet will help you improve your planning by:

  • Addressing the structural needs of a plan
  • Aligning your process with the five pillars of planning
  • Scoring your process against the five pillars
  • Providing concise recommendations you can put into action today