Would you like to drive more clicks and higher quality visitors to your site from your paid search campaign without increasing your budget? Precision Targeting makes this possible.

Precision Targeting is a way of creating extremely targeted search engine marketing campaigns to produce the most relevant search results possible.

Search Engine Relevancy & Quality Score

To understand precision targeting, you must first understand search engine relevancy and quality score. Search engine relevancy is how pertinent your keyword ad is to the user’s specific search query. Quality score is the measurement of this relevance determined primarily by degree of campaign targeting, budget level, keyword match type, ad copy and landing page content. Google rewards a high quality score, or high relevancy, by allowing you to bid for a higher position at a lower cost. Through this, you can lower your average cost-per-click and generate more clicks for your budget.

Precision Targeting Starts with Research, Planning and Strategy

Precision Targeting is based on precise knowledge of your target audience: their interests, intent and the context of where, when and what devices they are using to search. Using this knowledge, you can create multiple campaigns each precisely targeting your audiences’ interests, locations, time and devices. The more precise your targeting within these campaigns, the higher your quality score could be compared to that of your competitors.

Google’s Enhanced Campaigns Rely on Relevancy

In a few months, Google will introduce Enhanced campaigns. Enhanced campaigns make managing across devices and networks easier with improved reporting and conversion tracking capabilities built into a single campaign.

As a Google Adwords Agency and Partner, JPL has been able to beta-test these Enhanced campaigns. We learned that our Precision Targeting methodology will become even more important in providing a competitive advantage. It will also provide opportunities to drive more clicks and higher quality visitors more efficiently within the same budget.