Digital marketers know that analytics are crucial to successful campaigns. They constantly look at data to determine what’s working and what’s not. They make ongoing adjustments to keywords, creative execution and messaging based on what they learn. They fine tune, and build increasingly effective and efficient lead generation campaigns.

What we learn from a digital marketing campaign is astounding. It’s one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to learn about your target, your messaging and even your products and services. And, the same learning that is applied to improve the digital marketing campaign can be used to improve other marketing communications efforts.

Gaining insights in real time

Here is an example:

A company has a product or service in need of a push. Maybe it’s a new offering, or maybe it’s a struggling product that would benefit from a spike in leads. The client has allocated a substantial budget to the lead generation campaign. Through planning, we determine that an integrated program is the solution, with tactics including digital marketing, events, social media, public relations and some traditional advertising (print, TV, radio, outdoor, etc.).

We have a pretty good idea of what makes their product different, and the client has broadly identified the target. However, there is no time (or budget) for a research engagement to further define the target and identify the buttons that need to be pushed to generate leads.

The solution? Launch a tight, disciplined lead generation digital marketing campaign. Test messaging. Experiment with targeting. And closely track the results. In a week or two, with a minimal investment, we invariably gain important insights about the target and what drives a response. We learn what works, and we learn what doesn’t work. In some cases, we even test various products or services to determine if they’re right for the target.

Oh, and at the same time, we drive leads.

Applying the learning

What we learn is leveraged to refine the digital marketing program. But it is also applied to other aspects of the program. The proven messaging is used in the more expensive media. Improved target definitions aid in media planning. Work gets produced with a much better understanding of what will be effective.

The result? An integrated, lead generation campaign that is driven by real learning, which significantly increases the likelihood of success.

With just a few weeks and a small budget, you can learn a lot. While simultaneously driving business. That’s research that we can all justify.