What is it about a great video?
Get JPL's Video Content Strategy eBookYou know it when you see it. It captures your attention. Maybe it makes you laugh. Maybe it makes you cry. Maybe it makes you stop and think. Reconsider a course of action. Alter your opinion.

That’s powerful stuff. And marketers have noticed how great content translates into real business results. That’s why a growing number of brands are looking for ways to incorporate more video marketing into their content programs.

But let’s be honest. Most of their videos aren’t great.

If you want to create great video that nurtures business prospects, then decide to be awesome. Start with a video content strategy before you pick up a camera.

JPL started out as a video production company over 25 years ago. In that time, we have gained expertise and perspective about where video production has evolved from, what makes great video a business enabler today and where it’s heading tomorrow. We’ve created a three-part eBook series to guide content marketers on the path to great video that gets results. The first eBook focuses on video content strategy. Our guide breaks down these elements step by step. Then we explain how to define a video content strategy that’s unique to you. If you’ve decided that awesome video content is what you want, let’s get started.