JPL Video Content Strategy eBook

eBook #1 – Video Content Strategy

It’s been said that baking is art and science. The same is true when creating a quality content marketing program. If you don’t follow a recipe (i.e. strategy) it can spell disaster. The ingredients rely on each other, in the right amount and the right order, to work together and create something amazing. Translate this back to a content marketing program. Each part relies on the next. You need the right kinds of content in the right amount and the right order to achieve results. And video is one of those “right types” of content.

We’ve created a three-part eBook series as a guide to video for content marketers. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create great video content
  • Optimize it
  • Measure its performance

If you’re a beginner, we’ll tell you exactly what to do first. If you already have video content, we’ll tell you how to make it even better. So let’s get started, because we have no time to waste. In the minute it took you to read this far, 300 hours of new video were just uploaded to YouTube.

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Video Content Strategy eBook #1

Video SEO eBook #2

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