Making the Case for Rebranding your Company

So you’re thinking about rebranding? You’ve performed research, spoke with company stakeholders in sales, operations, human resources and others on your marketing team. The conversations may have sounded like this: “Growth isn’t what we’ve forecasted it should be.”…“Our competition is evolving faster than we anticipated.”…“This acquisition is going to fundamentally change the conversation we are having with customers.”

You’ve reached the conclusion that you need business transformation and the only way that can be achieved is through rebranding. Not brand strategy in the sense of a design exercise, but a true strategic initiative that drives competitive advantage through all corners of the business to the external market. That kind of brand strategy demands total executive buy-in.

The need for rebranding is clear to you, but effectively communicating the benefits to the rest of the executive team can be challenging. It takes a thoughtful approach, a business case and strong demonstration of the project fundamentals in order to successfully execute. We’ve talked with other marketing leaders and pulled from our experience rebranding companies to help you think through a strategic approach to getting executives to say yes to rebranding.

In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • When to consider a new brand strategy
  • The core business situations that lead companies to rebrand
  • Tips on gaining consensus among executives
  • The fundamentals that executives need to know to get on board with a new brand strategy

Download “How to Get Executives to Say Yes to Rebranding”