Companies spend a lot of time and money building brands to connect with customers. But do they invest enough in brand engagement with their own employees?

JPL employees use “Beer Me Bro” chips to informally recognize each other. The chips can be redeemed at a local brewpub or used at the in-house JPL salad bar.

Every day your employees bring the brand to life through their actions and interactions with others. It’s critical that they understand what your brand stands for and how they can pay off the brand promise.

Here are five ways you can improve employee engagement with your brand.

  1. Provide Brand Training
    Training often focuses on the hard and soft skills associated with performing job functions. I suggest taking this a step further and teaching your employees how the tenants of your brand can guide the way they work. Build brand training into your onboarding process so employees get it right from day one.
  2. Communicate Frequently
    “Once and done” doesn’t work when you try to shift mindsets and change behavior. Frequent employee communications that showcase the brand at work demonstrate real-world impact. Be purposeful. Be authentic.
  3. Empower Your Team
    If you expect your employees to exemplify your brand then you should empower them to take action when needed. I recently worked with a company that built its brand around an unwavering commitment to quality. They empowered all their employees to intervene at any point during the manufacturing and fulfillment process to address quality issues. For them, quality control is not just a department at the end of the production line; it’s a function of every employee’s job.
  4. Recognize Employees
    Consider implementing a program that recognizes employees for exemplifying the attributes of your brand. We’ve helped a number of our clients with these programs and seen the positive impact on moral and culture. Also consider options for allowing employees to recognize their peers.
  5. Lead by Example
    Everyone within the organization should personify the brand. From the C-suite to the mid-level manager and front line employees, everyone needs to take the brand to heart. Not only does this model the right behavior, it also provides the authenticity needed to achieve employee buy-in throughout the organization.

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