Is it time to redefine your brand?

In a study released earlier this year from BtoB Magazine, nearly 80 percent of B2B marketers indicated that brand differentiation is a priority for their organization. However, most marketers surveyed (60 percent) report they are not fully satisfied with their current effort. I believe that the lack of satisfaction stems from the fact that just differentiating on brand isn’t enough to truly impact their business.

Setting yourself apart from competitors is important, but that alone isn’t enough to engage decision-makers.  Brand differentiation is only one component of a strong brand. In addition to being differentiated, your brand must have a distinct personality or tone, it must be credible, and it should include a clear promise that you make to your customer or clients. An organization needs to define or redefine each of these important brand components to compete. When each of these elements is clearly defined and integrated into the business, a company will see powerful brand impact.

Redefining your brand can take time, but in the end, it can put you ahead of the competition for years to come.
Does your brand need redefined?


This worksheet will help you evaluate if it’s time to consider redefining your brand based on factors like:

  • Does your company have a clear vision for the future?
  • Do you know what your customers find valuable about your company? Your products? Your services?
  • How distinct are your products or services from your competitors?