November saw updates and changes for some of the big players on the Internet. These changes bring new opportunities for your digital marketing plan and strategy.

LinkedIn Company Pages

On November 1, LinkedIn began allowing users the ability to update and modify their company profile pages. Company pages allow organizations to showcase their latest career openings, services and products while receiving recommendations from current and past employees and clients. These customizable pages allow a company to add website links, blog feeds, YouTube videos and contact information. This will be an effective marketing tool for all organizations especially B2B companies. Imagine providing information about your top services in a social setting where your clients can share their experience and their testimonials for everyone to see. Read more about this new exciting feature from LinkedIn or visit JPL’s new company page to see an example.

Facebook Deals and Updated Profile Pages

Also in the beginning of November, Facebook announced a powerful new addition to its mobile application with Facebook Deals. With Facebook Deals, a marketer has the ability to reward customers with special discounts and offers when they check into a business using Facebook Places. Deals generate in-store traffic and can foster increased brand awareness and customer loyalty. The great thing about Facebook Deals is that when people check into your location, they create buzz about your business through word-of-mouth marketing that happens naturally on Facebook. I see several large chain retailers already offering Deals, and a real opportunity for local businesses taking advantage of this new digital marketing tactic. Learn more about Facebook Deals and who’s using it.

More recently, Facebook updated its profile pages. The layout of the profile pages has changed to allow for a quick overview of the user. These updated profile pages also allow you, as a user, to add more information about yourself, such as favorite sports or TV shows. With all of this new user information, Facebook Social Ads have become even more powerful with the ability to further target users based on their new updated profile information.

Google Instant Preview

Not to be outdone, Google released the latest version of its search tool this past month. Google Instant Preview offers a visual comparison of search results, allowing users to interact with the search page before clicking through. It’s as easy as hovering over the little magnifying glass next to each result to see a snapshot of a web page. This tool will make the integration of your search engine optimization efforts and your website design even more important.

Interesting Internet Stats

According to comScore, a global leader in measuring Internet activity:

  • More than 16 billion searches were conducted in November 2010. Google represented 66 percent of these searches.
  • 84.2 percent of the U.S. Internet audience viewed online video, with an average time per viewer of 4.5 hours over the course of the month.
  • Cyber Monday surpassed $1 billion in the U.S. with a spending increase of 16 percent over 2009; it became the heaviest online shopping day in history.