I’ve been pulled in again. What was to be a quick trip out to Pinterest to locate that tempting cupcake recipe I “pinned” has turned into 30 minutes of viewing, re-pinning and creating new boards. It’s no surprise, according to Statista, users of Pinterest spend an average of 1 hour and 17 minutes per month logged in and scanning the site.

Not only are consumers spending their time on the site, they are also spending more money and at a higher frequency than they do on any of the other top five social media sites. According to Blogher, forty-seven percent of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from Pinterest.

So your audience may be spending time on Pinterest. A lot of time. And that time is translating directly into purchases. You may find yourself asking “Should we be there?” Whether you’re a B2C company selling a product or a B2B company promoting your brand and insights, the answer depends on your goals. And more importantly, if you make the leap, how do you measure the reach and track the impact of your content?

Some great analytics tools can provide answers. Let’s explore the benefits of a few.


Repinly helps you find the most popular trends on Pinterest. This site allows you to track content by most popular pins, most popular pinners and most popular boards. As a marketer this information is valuable in a variety of ways. To use Repinly effectively:

  1. Identify the most influential pinners. This can help you from a targeting perspective. Do their interests align with your content? If so, consider content promotion to reach them.
  2. Identify content trends across the space. This will help you understand at a macro view what type of content is attracting the most attention and interaction. These trends can be overlaid with your content calendar to look for synergies.

Reachli (Previously known as Pinerly)

Reachli is a great advertising tool that allows you to promote relevant content to your targeted consumers, expanding and extending your reach. This is a paid service that will require campaign planning.


A powerful tracking tool that optimizes pins based on performance, Pinfluencer helps curate content to grow followers and provides access to your competitor’s content performance. As a marketer, this information is valuable in a variety of ways. These types of tools will enable you to refine your reach through:

  1. Tracking the performance of your content to understand what is the best performing type of content for your brand. You will be able to see trends on what generates the most re-pins, traffic and sales conversions.
  2. A look into what type of curated content grows the most followers. Through insights you will be able to refine the content of your boards to ensure you are focusing efforts where you are seeing the most reach and sales return.
  3. Access to the same analytics that you have for your own brand for your competition! In many cases you will have more information than they do about their brand’s performance. This enables you to determine trends within the competitive landscape and stay out in front of them.

This is only a small sampling of the analytical tools that can help you refine your content strategy for Pinterest and social media.

It is important to ensure you are constantly monitoring what content is connecting with your audience so you can focus efforts on the areas that have the most return for your brand.

Are any of you using these types of monitoring tools? How are you determining where to focus your content creation efforts?

And does anyone have an irresistible cupcake recipe?

(Sources: Statista and Blogher)