Content marketing has been a hot topic this year. And, if it’s not part of your 2012 plan, it should be in 2013.

Why is it so critical? When customers engage with the content on a blog, e-newsletter, website or other digital space they’re basically saying, “I’m interested in you.” That opening provides businesses with an opportunity to build a new relationship, or deepen an existing one – two things that every business wants.

However, your goal of creating exceptional content is also the goal of all your competitors. And every year the quantity of content created, distributed and promoted grows, which creates more clutter in the marketplace and more of a challenge to break through.

Luckily, every day your customers are dropping hints about your content. It’s all in the analytics. You just have to know where to look.

Look at what’s NOT working

You’re already paying attention to what your visitors are clicking on. And, you’re looking at ways to expand or improve that content. But what about the content they’re NOT selecting?

Low time on page and high bounce rates can signal trouble that’s worth investigating. But before you scrap the content, think about adapting it.

  • Tone – Should the tone be more challenging? More inspiring of conversation?
  • Placement – Would some of the content be better suited for customers who are further along in the sales process and already familiar with your product or service?

Don’t write off seemingly unpopular content, especially if you already know it’s a relevant topic to your audience. Investigate, evolve and retest content before eliminating it.

Ensure it’s easy to view…on any device

Your website content might be easy to view…on desktop. But, in three years, mobile Internet users will surpass PC or other wireline users. Take a look at how your visitors are accessing your site and you may be surprised. Consider the following:

  • Appearance – How does your site look on smartphones and tablets? What percentage of visitors are using mobile devices to access your content?
  • User experience – Can customers view your product pages with ease? What about your videos?

Your content may be right on strategy, but if it’s not mobile friendly you could be missing opportunities to make an impact with customers who want to engage that way.

As 2012 wraps up, take a look at your analytics and what they might be saying about your content and how it’s viewed. You may find the answers you need to put your content ahead of the rest.