Top Mistakes Companies Make that Kill Their Brands

Brands fall into three basic categories, success, status quo and failure. Successful brands are an extension of their target audience, a friend, a helper, a thing to count on when they need it most. Failing brands are a broken promise. Between the two is the status quo in mediocrity, those destined to fail if they don’t take action.

When we think of the most successful brands, there are always ones that come to the top. Brands such as BMW, Google, General Electric and Disney. Those companies are on many of the top brand lists but what makes them different, what places them at the top of their industries? A top brand’s success distills down to purpose, activation, innovation and inspiration.

On the other side of the spectrum are brands that fail. A few of the more notables brand implosions include Circuit City, Polaroid and Borders. What causes failure, what do lackluster brands have in common? We’ve done the research and have determined the six factors that damage brands and cause failure.

In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • Actions that damage brands
  • Neglect that causes brands to fail
  • Warning signs of brand failure
  • Tips to bring your brand back to life

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