Boob SignageNormally, using the phrase “feel your boobies” around the office would result in a visit from Human Resources. But boobies were all the rage at JPL last week, and for good reason: nearly 20 JPLers from different departments gathered to brainstorm marketing ideas for a breast cancer awareness charity called Feel Your Boobies.

The work started long before the brainstorming session, when employees advocated to take the nonprofit as a pro bono client. To generate excitement, other employees began crafting signs and baking snacks for the big event.

At the brainstorm, the crowd generated three marker boards full of ideas — some silly, others serious. We then formed a smaller group to go through the ideas, picking ones that best fit the client’s needs.

I feel confident that the resulting campaign will be a big success, thanks to the energy of the team. In marketing, it’s easy to get caught up in strategies and tactics and metrics that you forget to ask questions such as, “Why should we feel passionate about this?” and “How can we make this fun?”

Feel Your Boobies BrainstormIf strategy and tactics are the main ingredients of marketing, passion and fun are the spice. You can make a recipe without them, but your food will taste bland.

Teamwork, meanwhile, provides the heat to bake it together. The more personally invested people feel in a project, the better work they do — and the better results they produce.

This may involve getting more staff involved in a project. Asking for opinions, and really listening to the answers. Giving everyone a role so that they can feel more invested in the results.

Boobie CupcakeWhether you’re working with an advertising agency or doing the bulk of your marketing in-house, these steps can improve the success of any project — and boost morale in the process.

Cupcakes shaped like boobs don’t hurt, either.