If you admin a Facebook page for your company or organization, you have a newfound power to communicate. With a new feature now in preview, business pages will act just like individual pages, and that’s good news for businesses wanting to connect more deeply with their audiences.

Currently, business pages are limited in how they interact with other pages. With the new changes which go into effect March 10, admins of business pages have the luxury of liking other pages and posting on other pages. That means your brand can interact with other people and other brands.

So, as the admin of JPL’s Facebook page, I can connect JPL to our clients or partners on Facebook and can even post on their walls. From an internal communications perspective, I can help JPL comment on an individual’s page. For example, JPL could congratulate its team members when they celebrate milestone anniversaries with our company. This wasn’t possible before.

Stay on Top of Posts

The other great news is that businesses can more easily and quickly monitor comments to their page because admins will now get email notification of all posts. This gives a business instant notice when someone has posted something, good or bad, on their Facebook page. The downside of this is the volume of notifications you could potentially get, but that’s a small price to pay for the immediate knowledge of what’s being said about your brand.

The New Business Page

Here’s a quick look at the new layout and what it will mean for you:

  • Pages can “like” other pages; not just add them to favorites. A business can now interact with its audience.
  • A new photo strip above the wall shows the most recent photos you posted or tagged, making the page look more inviting.
  • A Mutual Friends and Interests section shows you what you have in common with “likers”
  • Admins can now post and comment on Facebook as their page instead of themselves — giving your brand a voice.
  • Email notifications let companies listen and react quickly to posts.

In short, Facebook has finally given a voice to your brand. Your business page can now be completely interactive. To see how these changes will affect your business page, all you have to do is accept Facebook’s invitation to switch to the new view and take the tour of the improvements.

Warning: once you click this button, there is no going back to the old format. In a few weeks, all business pages will convert to this new look anyway so you might as well try it out and see what a difference it can make for your brand.

Based on the “likes” and thousands of positive comments, this move by Facebook is getting rave reviews by businesses who can finally take their brand to the next level on Facebook.

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