Is your online investment in digital marketing lost on a website that does not convert leads? One of the more common questions I receive when consulting clients is how to prioritize digital efforts for measurable sales results. I prefer to reply with a question of my own: Is your website working hard enough to funnel new business into the pipeline? Most digital tactics will direct a potential customer to your website. It remains that final destination, validating what you claim anywhere else. When they arrive, what kind of brand experience awaits them? Is it consistent? Is it relevant to their needs? Do you make the decision making process easier than competitors? Or does it reveal disconnects? Before prioritizing your digital efforts, ask yourself these three questions:

1. Have you recently evaluated which devices are trending across your customers, and what that experience is like for them? If you are noticing a trend, determine what customer needs are driving it and how you can respond by designing the optimal experience on that device.

2. Have you increased the amount of video within your web content? Google conducted two studies to analyze B2B customer engagement, revealing one in three customers turn to videos to understand specific features of a product or service, how a product works, or get information on brands they are interested in. A whopping 81 percent said they will continue to use video for these purposes.

B2B Tech Customer's Path to Purchasing

Courtesy of Google: B2B Tech Customer’s Path to Purchasing (click on image to view full infographic)

3. Is your website traffic drilling deeper into your content and clicking on the links you provide? Don’t spend money on content that never gets read. The percentage of your website actively used by decision makers is small, much to the surprise of most organizations. Start by diving into your digital marketing tactics:

  • Where do they deliver targeted traffic?
  • How relevant and engaging are those landing pages?
  • What percentage of traffic are you converting from them?

Prioritize your efforts on developing engaging content that responds to varying needs across the buying cycle. This will naturally demonstrate you are a solution provider that is easy to work with from the start. Today, it’s easy to lose focus in digital marketing. There are tactics you may feel are untapped and new approaches you haven’t tried out. First, make sure your primary website is effective by evaluating and refining its performance. It is the one common thread tying all things digital together for your target audience.