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Thinking bigger to transform brands

We’re brand consultants who think on another level. When we talk about transformation, we mean developing and activating a brand that represents your value, your mission and that drives tangible business results. Our collaborative approach results in a brand that delivers real impact in every area of your enterprise.


Brands that connect rationally.

We focus on the value you deliver and how it makes a tangible impact. Then we define how that value drives your employees in their everyday work.


Brands that connect emotionally.

A great brand will inspire customers and employees alike. We help turn your customers into advocates and employees into evangelists who personify your brand.


Brands built for activation.

The power of your brand is realized when it’s put into action. We create a plan that activates your brand in all aspects of your business.

Circumference® Brand Methodology

Intersecting circles with icons for brand platform, brand activitors, and brand integration

The platform is constructed with five core elements that define your brand’s value.

Our brand strategists create a set of tools that activate your brand, both internally and externally.

We work with you to develop a plan that brings your brand to life throughout your business and across all consumer touch-points.

Brand strategy capabilities

We start by defining your position in the marketplace, identifying the value you provide, and helping you find new opportunities. We create a brand that extends beyond marketing. This is a brand that matches your aspirations and can be infused into your culture, services, product launches and beyond. Together we bring it all to life through integrated, internal and external executions.


Brand Strategy & Positioning

Brand Architecture



Visual Identity

Operational Integration

Communications Planning

Engagement & Activation

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Brand strategy & consulting

JPL combines the best attributes of brand consultancies and branding agencies to architect powerful brands built for strategic activation.

Brand strategy starts with defining what position you can own in the market place, both now and in the future. Our brand strategy consultants develop a comprehensive plan that guides activation across all customer and employee touch points to operationalize your brand. During activation our team brings your brand to life through our expertise in executing integrated communications programs. This includes marketing communications, digital, video, events, training and internal communications. Our approach ensures effective, on-brand communications that drive real business results.

JPL is a top branding agency and brand consultant based in Harrisburg, PA. We build brands that deliver real business value, both inside and outside your organization.




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JPL is one of the Mid-Atlantic’s largest integrated marketing agencies. We work with established brands to uncover new market opportunities and develop brand activations that impact every part of your business. And that’s not all we do.