JPL recently received a Silver Horizon Interactive Award in the Video/Promotional category and a Bronze Telly Award in the Motivational Video Category for a video created to engage Select Medical employees.

In the hectic world of healthcare, employees are consumed with daily tasks and paperwork, and often do not see the difference they make in people’s lives. In Reflections: Empathy at Work, JPL interviewed patients about their experiences, and then showed their comments to healthcare workers to capture their reactions on video. Employees saw their jobs in a whole new light, through the emotional stories of those they help.

“The reason we are so passionate about the short film, Reflections: Empathy at Work, is because it so beautifully captures the gratitude our patients feel but only sometimes express directly to their caregivers. The raw honesty of the film – and the innovative format we developed with JPL – is something we will treasure for some time,” said Select Medical Vice President of Communications and Branding Edwin Bodensiek.

Reflections was first shown at a company-wide meeting of leaders in 2015. It helped validate the good work of Select Medical’s 42,000 employees to improve the lives of patients. The video continues to be shown to existing and new employees to energize them and remind them how much their work matters to the lives of others.

View the Case Study: Select Medical Employee Empathy Video