In order to guide children to be more respectful of each other, JPL and the Byrnes Health Education Center just launched a new iPad app version of the popular “Healthy4Me” program aimed at kids in grades K-3.

Healthy4Me iPad AppHealthy4Me is designed to help students make good decisions, build self-esteem, respect others and prevent bullying. After taking the pretest, kids go under the sea to help some engaging underwater creatures stay healthy by making good decisions. A fun matching game helps reinforce healthy choices and build self-esteem before students take the posttest. The activities can be facilitated by a teacher in the classroom or used by the kids independently. The program is one of eleven eLearning kits available on

“While many students and teachers still use the Flash version of this program on desktop and laptop computers, more and more schools are integrating iPads and other mobile devices into the classroom,” said Humera Proctor, eLearning project manager at the Byrnes Health Education Center. “We know it’s important to make our learning programs work across multiple platforms. We look forward to creating an Android app for this program and producing apps for many of our other eLearning kits available at,” she added.

“The content is so relevant for young students. We wanted to make sure that this eLearning kit was available to use on newer devices,” said JPL Director of Technical Solutions Ryan Pudloski. “We were able to repurpose all the content – from graphics to voice overs to written content and rebuild the experiences using modern browser technologies and PhoneGap as a compiler,” said Pudloski.

JPL has created hours of interactive learning programs for dealing with health-related topics such as nutrition, stress, and smoking prevention and has worked in partnership with the Byrnes Center for more than a decade.

The Byrnes Health Education Center is a non-profit organization providing dynamic health education programming to students in grades K-12. The Center engages students through live training at its center in York, PA, live webcasts and online health education curriculum on, the eLearning tool of the Byrnes Health Education Center.

To learn more about how we create compelling learning experiences visit JPL’s Learning Solutions website.

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About Byrnes Health Education Center: The Byrnes Health Education Center is a non-profit organization based in York, PA providing dynamic health education programming to students in grades K-12. The Byrnes Health Education Center engages students through interactive health education programs which are standards-based, cross curricular and eLearning available in Spanish. Byrnes Health Education Center delivery platforms include onsite theater programs, educators providing outreach programs, live webcasts and eLearning initiative