JPL team members got a chance to try their skills with a new interactive carnival game created by students from Harrisburg University of Science and Technology (HU) and JPL.

Harrisburg University students Tyler Batts and Adrian Jones worked with mentors at JPL to produce an interactive game using Unity 3D and Microsoft Kinect motion sensor technology. The game allows the user to play darts or milk bottle toss by making the appropriate throwing gesture with their hands. The game debuted at HU’s anniversary celebration in November.

The interactive game is one of many ways in which JPL has partnered with Harrisburg University since its inception ten years ago.  JPL recently produced a video for the University’s anniversary celebration that tells the story of the University through students and faculty.  Additional student stories are being produced for the University’s website and for commercials that will air in the near future.

JPL is also designing an exhibit featuring projection mapping technology to commemorate the University’s anniversary year. The permanent exhibit includes messaging that can be updated.  The long term plan is for HU students to be able to modify the messaging and possibly design their own exhibit down the road.

“We enjoy working with Harrisburg University and its students. Their desire to apply new technologies and provide students with professional experiences make them a great partner, ” said JPL President Luke Kempski.

The students continue to iterate the game and plan to showcase it at future events and eventually release it online.