JPL is honored to rank #24 on the list of medium-sized businesses on the 2015 Best Places to Work in PA list.  A recipient for 14 consecutive years, JPL was recognized with other companies at the Lancaster County Convention Center.

“It’s a wonderful honor for our team members to win this award and to celebrate with other companies but the real benefits we receive are the valuable insights from the survey,” said Human Resources Director Melissa Washington.

In addition to other listening tools throughout the year, JPL uses the anonymous Best Places to Work survey results to help guide the company’s goals, shape its culture and learn what team members think about company benefits. Managers also use the survey results to guide their teams throughout the year.

“We may think that everyone understands our paid time off policy, for example, but if we read the survey and find out that many don’t, it’s a great way for us to target communications for employees based on the feedback and survey results,” she added.

The survey results also allow JPL’s executive team and managers to compare progress on certain topics year over year and see where the company has improved and what areas still need work. “We share the survey results with our team members so they know we are listening and that their input truly matters,” said Washington. “That helps engage people with JPL and which in turn helps retain them longer,” she added.

Being on the Best Places to Work list also helps JPL recruit top-notch talent. “In nearly every phone screen and interview, candidates mention our longstanding place on the Best Places to Work list. People want to work where they can do what they love with people they like and they see that fit in us at JPL.”