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High-performance cultures don’t just happen

They’re built strategically through meaningful experiences. We work with organizations to engage employees, tackle communications challenges, and drive success.

Change Communications

Effectively communicate change in your business and motivate employees to buy in.

Internal Communications Audits

Uncover opportunities to improve the way you communicate with your employees.

Employee Engagement

Communications programs that inform, engage and recognize your employees.

Cultural Transformation

Create a high-performance culture that gives your company a unique, sustainable competitive advantage.

Leadership Vision & Alignment

Unify your leadership team under a shared vision.

Meetings & Events

In-person and virtual experiences that foster high-performance cultures.

Employer Branding

Positioning your organization as the employer of choice.

eLearning & Training

Custom training and educational content.

Creating engagement through experience

We’re changing the one-dimensional, tactical approach to internal communications and employee engagement. By adding research, strategy, content development and measurement to the equation, engaging with your employees becomes multi-faceted.


Giant Food Stores

Employee engagement program

A kickoff event and continuing program designed to build a culture of customer service.

The Hershey Company

Leadership event

A three-day conference for leadership development, complete with experience design, app integration and event execution.


The Hershey Company

Process education

New training on new processes that kept everyone on the same page by encouraging collaboration and team building.

Select Medical

Employee engagement

An on-boarding video that went beyond welcome messaging and inspired employees to make a difference.


The Hershey Company

College recruitment

Visual content and an augmented reality experience for recruitment events across the country.

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JPL is a full-service internal communications agency that specializes in employee engagement. Our firm offers internal communications consulting and services for leading brands striving to create high-performance cultures. But we do a lot more than that.