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The Challenge

As an innovator in automated dark adaptation testing, MacuLogix turned to JPL to introduce its newest device used to diagnose and manage age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Compared to its original AdaptDx® tabletop device, the AdaptDx Pro™ guided by Theia™ was a revolutionary testing platform delivered via a portable headset and powered by artificial intelligence.

The new AdaptDx Pro needed a differentiated launch campaign that broke through the noise and compelled business owners to invest in the latest technology from MacuLogix. Messaging needed to communicate more than features and benefits. It had to make a business and medical case to eye doctors and reassure technicians suspicious of AI. With product development in the final stages, timing was tight to get the campaign in-market on schedule.

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Vibrant and striking creative matched the breakthrough technology behind the AdaptDx Pro and set it apart from other product launches competing for attention.

Research showed that current AdaptDx owners identify themselves as trailblazers for their patients. We decided the AdaptDx Pro should be introduced to current owners with a message from Theia herself, the on-board AI that powers the headset and directs the test for patients.

We chose a direct mail piece embedded with a video feature to generate excitement with current AdaptDx owners.

We used video to engage decision makers and show what it’s like to use the device from every angle. Viewers can see how the headset offers improved convenience and comfort for the patient. Run by AI, the device is then shown saving the doctor and technician time during the day, without compromising accuracy or the patient experience.

For AdaptDx Pro, we focused on putting the product in the hands of decision-makers in person or virtually.

We armed MacuLogix’s sales team with a strong, lead-generating website, video assets displaying every one of the 172 custom parts,  a visually-arresting trade show booth design and compelling sales collateral.

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