Metro BankBANK ON PURPOSE Campaign

  • Integrated

Standing out in a sea of sameness

Metro Bank was doing things differently than other banks. From the design of their stores to hours of operation, everything was done purposefully. Yet Millennials and Gen-Xers didn’t understand what that meant for them as customers. JPL helped create a fully integrated campaign that focused on the “why” of what Metro Bank was doing instead of the “what,” all centered around the new brand line, BANK ON PURPOSE.

Metro Bank’s customers are purpose-driven, and the financial institution helps them by providing thoughtful products and services that fit their lifestyle.

The ads showed real people in real-life settings and always centered on the benefit of being a Metro Bank customer.


The strong concept allowed for quick, succinct messaging that resonated with banking customers.


Metro Bank’s website was redesigned for the best user experience based on banking customers’ habits. The Learning Center was added as a financial resource that helped leverage Metro Bank’s expertise.