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The Challenge

When consumers attend National Farm Shows, they come excited to preview the latest farming technology. New Holland Agriculture needed something to drive the crowds their way and make a lasting impression.

Titled “Living New Holland SMART,” we developed a show that shared real stories of farmers giving personal accounts of their relationship with New Holland. During 15-minute shows, guests were immersed in the sight, sound, feel and smell of life on the farm with the latest New Holland equipment.

For added depth and content, real machinery served as the backdrop for the live action behind a transparent screen. An integrated sound system was installed along with silent subwoofers placed under the seats to give the guests the sensation of booming equipment engines and thunderstorms. Guests saw and felt the warmth of a sunrise, the loud rumble of an engine starting or thunder rolling in. We even built a machine that filled the theater with different scents like rain and freshly cut hay to bring the farmer’s stories alive.


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